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> CNC machining centre

We carry out the most complex machining operations on our 6-axis CNC machine with extreme precision in accordance with the construction drawings. The six axes and the automatic changes between sixteen tools ensure smooth and highly accurate processing in a single run. We machine timber up to 15 metres in length and with sections from 20 x 60 mm to 300 x 650 mm.

The fully automatic Hundegger HM4-400 is the latest generation of planers and is perfect for planing and chamfering construction timber with sections from 15 x 45 mm to 300 x 400 mm.
They can easily plane and chamfer large beams up to 15 metres in length on four sides.

Your outbuilding in oak

We are happy to assist our customers with the design of outbuildings, structural joints, or other timber constructions. Our design department can help you to optimise your 3D designs or design the construction drawings in consultation with you. After the drawings have been approved, we will set to work and send you a numbered assembly kit that will give you incredible time savings during installation.

We can offer solutions to any requirement thanks to our timber expertise and an extensive range of machinery.

Facts & figures

ROBOT-Drive 650

  • 6 axes

  • automatic tool change

  • complete and precise in one single run

  • up to 15 metres

  • for timber dimensions, min. 20 x 60 mm to 300 x 650 mm.

Technical data sheet


  • planing and chamfering machine for construction timber

  • process sections of 15 x 45 mm up to 300 x 400 mm

  • up to 15 metres

  • automatic on all 4-sides.

Technical data sheet

Require extra CNC or planing capacity?

Our Hundeggers ROBOT-Drive 650 and HM4-400 can be made available to customers who require extra capacity.