Machined coating for optimal results

> Coating

We have noticed a rise in machine-coated timber for decking as well as façade cladding. We can coat Swedish rabat in Douglas with two finishing layers; deal with one finishing layer. The coating can be applied on two or four sides on the most advanced industrial production lines.

The following are standard in our range:

DOUGLAS - 2 layers

  • Profile: rebated feather edge

  • Size: 12/26 (d) x 195 (w) mm

  • Lengths: on request

PINE - 1 layer

  • Profile: rebated feather edge

  • Size: 12/26 (d) x 195 (w) mm

  • Lenghts: on request

Accentuate the timber grain and create a beautiful chiaroscuro effect

> Brushung and charring

Brushing the timber grain will bring out the timber's natural character. Charring will give the planks a unique carbon layer.

Uniform colour tones for your façade cladding

> Pre-aging

The pre-ageing technique is used to imitate the timber's natural ageing process immediately after installation. This creates a façade cladding with uniform colour tones, even on surfaces that are not exposed to UV light. Without pre-ageing, these sections would not age naturally or would age much more slowly.

The selection of the coating and the number of coats will determine the rate at which the coating disappears and is replaced by natural ageing. Advice and maintenance instructions are available on request.

Quality and tailored advice

We can guarantee the highest quality and tailored advice based on our know-how and product knowledge. We create tailored solutions for the specialised timber trade with precision and passion. Our extensive range of machinery can be made available to you for your own timber machining.

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