Preservation by means of dipping

> Immersion

Dip-treatment is when the timber is placed in a bath and immersed with a wood-protection product for a certain time, than removed and left to dry. As the product only penetrates the timber to a limited extent, we apply this technique mainly to timber that will not be exposed to wind and weather.

We have 2 immersion units approved by ATG. This gives the timber preventive protection against:

  • Blue mould

  • Wood-destroying fungi

  • Larvae of wood-destroying insects.

The immersion has a low environmental impact. We can treat the timber:
- Green with Sarpeco 9+, a micro-emulsion
- Colorless with WOLSIT EC40

Immersion certificate and certification

Our treatment units are approved by BUtgb, and our products are approved by ATG. On request, we can supply an immersion certificate with the treated timber.

If you need timber for an application in use classes 2, 3, 4 (or 4SP), we recommend preserving the timber by means of impregnation under vacuum pressure.

Read more about impregnation under pressure

The timber sections that are to be sawn or milled after immersion must be post-treated with a product that also meets the above requirements.

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