Preservation under vacuum pressure

> Impregnation

During impregnation, the timber protection product is introduced into the timber under high pressure. Depending on the type of timber, the product will penetrate the timber to the core or down to a few millimetres.

200m³ of timber impregnated per day

We have four impregnation units. Impregnation gives the timber preventative protection against:

  • Wood-destroying fungi

  • Soft rot

  • Larvae of wood-destroying insects.


The timber can be treated when it is green or brown with Wolmanit CX-10; when it is black, it can be treated with Wolsit-EC 100.

> green
> green
> brown
> brown
> black
> black

ATG-approval and certification

Our impregnation stations have both BUtgb and CTB-B⁺ approval for green and brown impregnation. On request, we can supply an impregnation certificate with the treated batch of timber.


After treatment, the timber can be used in the following use classes:

  • Class 2: Timber not in contact with the ground or outside; may become temporarily damp.

  • Class 3: Timber exposed to the weather, no contact with the ground.

  • Class 4: Timber in constant contact with the ground or water (fresh water).

  • Class 4 SP: This CTB-B+ specification is used for timber exposed to harsh conditions and offers improved protection and a longer lifespan than Class 4.

The timber sections that are to be sawn or milled after immersion or impregnation must be post-treated with a product that also meets the above requirements.

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