We complement our wide range of products with own brands

The Lempan team selects the right producers and products with the greatest care and market knowledge. We closely follow and research new trends, which we may then include or not include in our product range.

Apart from the usual sheeting materials, Lempan Panel Import also has special products such as guarantee plywood or MDF MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME.

Large stock & product range
Guarantee on quality & origine
More than 70% FSC® & PEFC
Own transport

Our range covers many products of different brands:


A wide range of plywood is supplied quickly from stock:

  • Okoumé

  • Radiata/Elliotis Pine

  • Finnish Spruce

  • Poplar

  • Birch

  • Polish Pine

  • Russian pine

  • Betonplex

  • Indonesian & Chinese


The full range of hardboard is available from our store.


The full range of softboard is available from our store.


The full range of OSB is available from our store.


The full range of chipboard is available from our store.


You can also contact us for specific brands, guarantee plywood, or rubberwood.


The full range of MDF is available from our store of for example Spanolux, Unilin and Medite.


Lempan Panel Import is premium supplier of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME.

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Lempaboard is a fl oor panel made of OSB/3 (without added formaldehyde) and a fibreboard. The insulating panel is made of fine wood fibre: pine, mixed with water, and completely dried in a drying kiln. The end result is a hard-wearing panel with soundproofing as well as thermal properties.

Technical data sheet Lempaboard


Lempagips is a wall panel made of plasterboard and fibreboard. This insulating panel is made of wood fibre mixed with water and dried in a drying kiln. The end result is a hard-wearing panel with soundproofing as well as thermal properties. Lempagips can be used to address any acoustic problems (walls, ceilings, wall cladding, etc.)

Technical data sheet Lempagips

LEMPAN Premium Hardwood®

LEMPAN Premium Hardwood® is a durable plywood. The core is made of the finest quality hardwood veneers.

For the face veneers you can choose between hardwood or the ecological version with engineered veneers, E-Vision.

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Data sheet LEMPAN Premium Hardwood®

Transparency concerning our products’ origins

> Purchasing

As part of our sustainable purchasing policy, we always give priority to panels with FSC® or PEFC certification or panels made of plantation timber. We work directly with the producers and pay fair prices for honest products.

We regard our suppliers as our partners. We seek to have a long-term relationship in which trust and open communication are key.

Filling the gaps in the product range

> Product development

Based on our market knowledge and consultation with our customers, we have developed various products that meet today’s and tomorrow’s construction needs: Lempagips, Lempaboard and LEMPAN Premium Hardwood®.

Innovative products from our partners also quickly find their way to our stock warehouses. MDF MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME quickly became a top product.

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