New at Lempan Panel Import: CEMBRIT

28 May 2020

New additions to Lempan Panel Import's range include Cembrit fibre cement façade boards and building panels, suitable for façades, timber-framed construction, various fire-retardant constructions, etc.

Cembrit offers all the advantages for design and construction projects where aesthetics and appearance have to be combined with a light but hard-wearing and robust construction.

Lempan Panel Import has the following range at the most competitive prices:

Patina Original

The Cembrit Patina panels are natural and authentic façade panels with unique characteristics. Each façade panel is as individual as nature itself. They display natural variations and become patinated as the seasons change and time passes.

Special product characteristics:

  • Autoclaved, thoroughly coloured.

  • Natural, textured surface - sanded.

  • Hydrophobed and resistant to all weather conditions.

  • A patina that emphasises your building's individuality.

  • Combine performance with a contemporary, versatile look.

> Patina Original
> Patina Original


Another Cembrit solution is the Cembrit Windstopper, a windproof but vapour-permeable construction panel on the outside (cavity side) of the inner sheet or inner cavity sheet. Cembrit Windstopper is particularly useful for the fire safety of façade constructions.

Special product characteristics:

  • Water-proof, vapour-permeable fibre cement construction panel (damp-proof membrane).

  • Fire class A2-s1,d0.

  • Rigid fibre cement panel for better tilting resistance.

  • Easy assembly with nails/screws without pre-drilling.

  • Up to 12 months' exposure to weather conditions without façade cladding.

  • Extremely hard-wearing, perfect for façades with open joints.

> Ventilated façade with Windstopper and Cembrit façade panels
> Ventilated façade with Windstopper and Cembrit façade panels

Multi Force

Cembrit Multi Force is a fibre cement panel which is highly impact-resistant and resistant to moisture, dirt, and fire. Another advantage is the panel's excellent soundproofing properties. This makes Cembrit Multi Force especially suitable for use in light partition walls in rooms that have a lot to endure, such as schools, corridors, warehouses, storerooms, and shops, and escape routes and stairwells.

Special product characteristics:

  • Very robust fibre cement construction panel for indoor use.

  • Fire Class A1 in accordance with EN 13501-1.

  • Up to 120 minutes fire-resistant.

  • Highly impact-resistant - up to 55 dB acoustic performance.

  • Easy to nail/screw without pre-drilling.

> Interior walls with Cembrit Multi Force 12 mm and 12 mm + 45 mm glass wool (min. 15 kg/m3)
> Interior walls with Cembrit Multi Force 12 mm and 12 mm + 45 mm glass wool (min. 15 kg/m3)