Seven divisions, two locations, one vision

Over 85 years of experience across two locations

Lemahieu Group has been an established name in the import of timber and panel products for decades. Since our foundation in 1932 and the merger of Lemahieu Houtimport NV and Lempan Platenimport NV in 2018, we have been focussing on expanding our stock of timber and panel products and creating added value from timber.

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> Ghent
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From our two branches in Ghent and Ostend, we provide a complete range of timber products which we can deliver from stock.

Ghent is the pivot of Lempan Panel Import and Lemahieu Timber Import. Its covered storage area of more than 65,000m2 can accommodate a wide range of sheeting material (plywood, hardboard, softboard, guarantee plywood, and special products such as MDF Tricoya) and raw timber (softwood and hardwood)

The heart of our group is in Ostend. This facility has state-of-the-art machines for operations such as immersion, impregnation, planing, CNC-machining, and fire-retardant treatment of timber. Our machinery can be made available to you for your own timber machining.

Our internal connection creates strong relationships with our customers

We want to be a loyal partner for the timber trade and the specialised timber-processing industry at home and abroad. Therefore, we aim to provide excellent levels of customer service and satisfaction by supplying quality timber and panel products and to maintain and develop strong relationships with our stakeholders.

We strive to develop a workplace where people are respected and valued. We promote the growth and development of our employees and shape a productive future in an atmosphere of openness, teamwork, ingenuity, and innovation.

Seven divisions, one vision

Lemahieu Group firmly believes in the future of timber and panels as sustainable (construction) material and wishes to enlarge its applications by the means of environmentally responsible solutions.

We believe that our strengths lie in the cooperation between the various divisions and our employees' specialised knowledge. The seven divisions share a passion for timber. Together, we are expanding the applications of timber and panels by means of preservation, fire-retardant treatment, responsible purchasing management, and custom solutions.

Lemahieu Panels

We select panels with the greatest care based on many years of market knowledge and partnerships. We guarantee the origins and quality at the best prices.

Lemahieu Timber Import

We select raw timber with the greatest care based on many years of market knowledge and partnerships. We guarantee the origins and quality at the best prices.

Lemahieu Wood Protection

Timber is a sustainable raw material that we have to treat with respect. To extend the timber's lifespan, we increase its durability and use class by means of immersion and impregnation.

Lemahieu Fire Protection®

We want to encourage and expand the applications of ‘timber as a fire-safe building material’. Our treatment under vacuum pressure with Burnblock® increases the reaction to fire classification of timber and panels to B-s1,d0.

Lemahieu Processing

We machine and refine the timber depending on its application or final use. We can guarantee the highest quality and tailored advice based on our know-how and product knowledge.

Lemahieu Sustainability

Sustainability is in our DNA, as well as a strong focus on quality and innovation. Over 70% of our products comes from sustainably managed forests and, therefore, meets the highest standards, guaranteed by PEFC or FSC® certification.


LDCwood is a 50/50 joint venture between Decolvenaere Houtimport and the Lemahieu Group and is the first official producer of ThermoWood® in Belgium. We have six kilns in Ostend, where we modify ash, deal, ayous, fraké, and poplar into ThermoWood®. All LDCwood products have OLB, FSC®, or PEFC certification.

Lemahieu Group stands for:


We can provide solutions to all requirements thanks to our extensive range of machinery.


Our representatives have been firmly anchored in the world of timber for many years. They will help you with tailored advice.


We keep a wide range of timber and panels in stock in Ghent and Ostend to be able to serve you quickly.


We follow market trends closely and invest in environmentally sustainable solutions.


You can count on us for quality, from raw materials to processing and delivery.


We make every effort to have a positive impact on the environment and society in all of our processes, from purchasing to waste policy to investments.