A look inside the Ghent sports temple

In the new sports complex on Noorderlaan in Ghent, “experience” is everything. And not just for the thousands of Ghent residents participating in sports. In addition to the pitches, there is the “Serve” restaurant, a roof terrace, several stands, and a physiotherapy room.

For the central building, durable ThermoWood® pine from LDCwood was chosen for both the interior and exterior wall cladding. In order to achieve the required reaction to fire classification, it was given a fire-retardant pre-treatment by Lemahieu Fire Protection®.

Lempan Panel Import provided the black panels to which the planed ThermoWood® was attached.

About the project

At the Watersportbaan in Ghent, a new sports complex was built for Koninklijke Atletiekassociatie Gent cvba. The complex will be the new main site of the Gantoise Hockey, Tennis and Padel Club, which has more than 2,200 active members.

The construction project includes a clubhouse, spread over 3 floors, a hall with 5 indoor tennis courts, and the surrounding structures. In addition, 1.5 hockey pitches, 6 outdoor tennis courts, 3 paddle courts, and a stand will be constructed under a subcontract.

Project data

Description: Black panels from Lempan, wall and façade cladding in ThermoWood® pine, treated with fire retardant by Lemahieu Fire Protection®.
Architect: Vertongen Architecten bvba
Client: Koninklijke Atletiekassociatie Gent cvba