Respect for the product. Your guarantee of success.

Lemahieu and Lempan have been firmly established in the timber and panel import business for decades and have gained a solid reputation over the years. Therefore, “Service” and “Quality” are important terms in our day-to-day management. We know where our timber comes from, inspect it on arrival, and check it for defects during processing and packaging.

A quality product starts at the basics

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Just like you, we want to be able to have confidence in the products we purchase. That's why our purchasing team takes great care in the selection of timber and panels and works with partners who share our vision and passion for timber. They are all suppliers who, like you, are proud of their products and value quality highly.

For us, quality timber also means legally and sustainably harvested timber. We are very strict in making sure that the timber and panels purchased worldwide conform to EUTR legislation.

Treated with respect

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We treat natural, high-quality raw materials with respect. Timber that is still too damp to be machined will go to our drying chambers.

Our storage areas have been constructed in such a way as to provide maximum ventilation so that the timber can also be dried naturally during storage.

Fast deliveries with our own trucks

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We work with our own drivers as well as external companies to ensure a fast and efficient delivery service.

We have 4 trucks and 22 trailers to serve our customers in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our representatives will visit you

> Personal contact

We have found that due to the complexity of our products and the wide range of products we offer, our representatives and our customers prefer to have personal contact. Your representative will always be there for you, from advice to after-sales service.