ThermoWood® / Heated to perfection

LDCwood, the 50/50 joint venture between the Lemahieu Group and Decolvenaere Houtimport, is the first official producer of ThermoWood® in Belgium.

FSC®, PEFC or OLB-certified
Large production capacity
Patented process
Product development

We supply the Belgian, French, Dutch, and Luxembourg markets with high-grade thermally-treated timber:

  • ThermoWood® ash

  • ThermoWood® pine

  • ThermoWood® ayous

  • ThermoWood® fraké

  • ThermoWood® poplar

All LDCwood products have full OLB, FSC®, or PEFC certification.

> What is ThermoWood®?

Hard-wearing alternative to hardwood

ThermoWood® has the same hard-wearing properties as tropical hardwood. ThermoWood® from LDCwood is moisture-resistant and, therefore, extremely suitable for façade cladding and decking.

ThermoWood® has many advantages. It is cheap, strong, and good for the environment.or het milieu.

All the unique properties of our ThermoWood®:

Long lifespan

The timber will last longer

Biological durability

Thermal modification increases the durability class

Resistant to insects


20-25% lower thermal conduction

100% natural

Free of resin and chemicals

Low emission

55-82% less volatile organic compounds

Low moisture content

40-50% lower

Perfect for façade cladding and deck

> Applications of ThermoWood®

Planed decking boards from ThermoWood® are a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice. ThermoWood® ayous from LDCwood has also been awarded the Durability Class I certificate.

Through the unique cooperation between LDCwood and Lemahieu Group, we can offer our customers a complete package from timber imports and thermal treatment to ThermoWood® and planing.

Popular profiles:

> RIB6
> RIB6

A fire-retardant treatment of the ThermoWood® to achieve reaction to fire classification B-s1d,0 is among the possibilities.

Or maybe you prefer to set to work with our ThermoWood® yourself. LDCwood also has unplaned ThermoWood® available in various types of timber, dimensions, and widths.

Our timber is always ‘quarter-sawn’.

100% natural heat process with steam and water

> The treatment process

ThermoWood® is the result of an innovative process in heat treatment is the main factor. The ThermoWood® production process uses heat, steam, and water. The timber undergoes prolonged heating at temperatures up to around 208°C. This treatment causes certain chemical changes to the timber, creating a hard-wearing and stable product that is resistant to insects and wood rot.

Promoting the use of ThermoWood®

> Research and innovation

LDCwood is a member of the International ThermoWood® Association which allows LDCwood products to be officially sold under the ThermoWood® quality label. Together with the other members, we undertake to carry out further research into the use of thermally-treated timber and its properties.