Lemahieu Academy

At Lemahieu, we love sharing our specialist knowledge.

Our mission is to motivate, support, and grow our customers, construction professionals, and students by sharing our expertise with them. We present sectoral trends, relevant legislation, and practical cases in personalised workshops and presentations tailored to the target group.

We also want to use internships, guided tours, and presentations to motivate and support young people and students in their professional development and the start of their careers.

Who is it for?

Timber trade

Our sustainable partnerships are centred around our equally sustainable materials and the expertise we demonstrate in all our partnerships.


We use internships, guided tours, and presentations to help young people and students discover how they can develop a flourishing career in the timber sector.

Professionals (architects, engineering offices...)

Construction professionals already have well-honed skills. In our Academy, we will broaden your insights and surprise you with innovations.

Inhouse training

Our Lemahieu, LDCwood, and Lempan teams share their extensive knowledge internally with new employees and with existing staff to update their knowledge.

Amazement is the desire for knowledge.

What we offer

Want to update your knowledge?

Check our calendar and join one of our upcoming training courses.

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