Transformation of timber into a sustainable product

FSC® or PEFC softwood from European forests is frequently used in gardens as fencing posts or for the construction of garden houses.

Our various preservation techniques, including thermal, chemical, and impregnation under pressure, are required to protect the timber and extend its lifespan.

Also contract work
Large production capacity
ATG & CTB-B+ certified

We are equipped with:

  • 3 kilns for thermal modification

  • 4 impregnation units

  • 2 immersion units

ThermoWood® as an alternative to tropical hardwood

> Thermal treatment

ThermoWood® is the result of a 100% natural and innovative process involving heating of the timber at high temperatures.

This treatment causes certain chemical changes in the timber, creating a hard-wearing and stable product that is resistant to insects and wood rot.

ThermoWood® is the hard-wearing alternative to hardwood and is frequently used for façade cladding or decking. ThermoWood® from LDCwood always has FSC®, PEFC, or OLB certification.

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Improve your timber's lifespan

> Immersion and impregnation

Our impregnation and immersion units (approved by ATG and CTB-B+) treat the timber with Wolmanit CX-10 so that it can be used in use classes 2, 3, and 4 (and 4SP) (NBN EN 335).

In this way, impregnated timber will have a longer lifespan so that it can be used for fencing, garden screens, garden rooms, enclosures, borders, etc.

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Create a unique appearance

> Coating, pre-ageing, brushing, and charring

Our façade cladding profiles can be supplied with a ready-made coating. We apply this coating in one or two layers on the most advanced industrial production lines.

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